Why clicksmash?

Every application we create will be treated like one of our babies.

We will take care of it now and in the future. We have been endorsed for our commitment.

Brian Sahertian photo

Brian Sahertian LinkedIn

Founder & Senior full-stack developer

Entrepreneur in the software game since the start of this millennium. Provides advice in IT strategy and software architecture. Loves to design and create beautiful and powerful applications to serve happy clients.

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Jonathan Suriel LinkedIn

Junior software developer

Ambitious and skilled junior software developer that loves to develop and maintain state-of-the-art applications.

Working closely together with these experts

Bart Roozeboom photo

Bart Roozeboom

Senior ITSM engineer

CTO at Computerdoc, Founder at StakeSafe

Benjamin Slagt photo

Benjamin Slagt

Art director & Designer

Freelance art director and illustrator at Benjamin Slagt Creation

In which we excel at

Continuity and robustness

  • High performance and high availability for high-traffic sites and mission-critical applications
  • Integrated Data-Escrow services to protect our data via a third-party
  • Mature service processes
  • We don't do cobbled-together platforms. We opt for solid foundations and robust applications.


Payment Services, Real-Estate, Retail, Commodity trading, Fashion, Lifestyle, Airlines, Cultural section, Healthcare, Automotive

For great software solutions

Coding, designing and consulting skills, bundled to deliver the best solutions

Powerful custom solutions, without reinventing the wheel, but we continue to take on the challenge of innovating. After all, that's how ClickSmash started...

Brief history

Our establishment through innovation. In 2001 we started with developing and selling an innovative standalone app called MP3Bee CD burning tool, of which we sold thousands of copies.

Shift towards web applications. Because of the fragmentation in used computer platforms (like Windows, Mac, Linux, but also mobile platforms) and the strong growth in internet usage, we soon adopted the focus on platform-independent and online software solutions. With that borne in mind, a new vision arose: “Software should work for everyone, everywhere and anytime“. That vision drove us into the multi-disciplinary company we still are today.

Portfolio boost. We started to attract bigger projects and worked on projects for well-known brands, including Garuda Indonesia, Jim Beam and The Famous Grouse.

We played a role in QR-code history. By adding commonly recognized visual elements to QR-codes, yet preserving readability for all available QR-code scanner apps. With Linqr.to ClickSmash was determined to actively contribute to improving hyperlinking from "real world" objects.

Team expansion. We further started expanding our team and partnerships, which allowed for growth, higher availability and continuity assurance for clients.

Will today go into our books as the start of a new partnership?
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