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Veldwerk registratiesysteem

We developed a custom SaaS ECD Healthcare System for Veldwerk Amsterdam that fully matches the working processes of these organisations

Veldwerk registratiesysteem screenshot


Stichting perMens / Stichting HVO-Querido

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Our solution

A conventional ECD (electronic client filing system) - the digital system that supports healthcare professionals in providing care to clients - is not sufficiently in line with the working method of the foundations perMens (team Veldwerk Amsterdam) and HVO-Querido. The system enables team members to register clients and actions for clients. Administrators can create reports for budget providers.

The aim of these organisations is to trace, make contact, motivate and lead to appropriate assistance pathways. In daily practice, OGGZ involves problems in the field of addiction and/or psychiatry. These people often avoid care and regularly come into contact with the police and the judiciary. The field workers also track down the target group that has fallen out of sight and, if possible, deliver them to institutions and organisations. In addition, the field workers quickly intervene and mediate in the event of unrest and conflicts in drug and nuisance areas.

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