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eCommerce and IT infrastructure consultancy for this award-winning producer of luxury collectibles with global reach.



XM Studios Ltd.

Services and solutions provided

Our solution

ClickSmash helped Singapore-based company XM Studios framing requirements, setting up the scope, creating migration plans and creating a global outline of the completely new integral IT infrastructure.

We helped XM Studios shifting towards a new and integral IT solution including a webshop, a POS (point-of-sale), an ERP with stock management and a CRM.

With the current and expected sales volumes – and bearing in mind expansion on a short term – we’ve advised to go with a solid “base” using enterprise resource planning software and stock management from Oracle NetSuite.

Our consulting services included:

  • Alignment of IT and Business
  • Advice in making decisions for IT systems 
  • Phasing of the project and helping prioritising based on budget, R.O.I. and impact
  • (Technical) guidance for all involved parties such as developers and other involved parties
  • Guiding migrations from one system to others
  • Continuity assurance, so the core business and customers will stay facilitated
  • Helping to future-proof the infrastructure

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