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Oude Kerk Open Archive

Explore the extensive archive of Oude Kerk, where the monumental space and its dynamic spirit serve as the starting point for fresh perspectives introduced by contemporary artists.

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Oude Kerk Amsterdam

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Our solution

This application aims to provide access to materials related to Oude Kerk Amsterdam for academic study and to showcase artistic processes, exhibition-making, interventions, church objects, graves, the church building, the surrounding neighbourhood, and their interconnected relationships. This endeavour is designed to generate new layers of meaning.

The Open Archive is inclusive, catering to students, academics, and individuals intrigued by Oude Kerk. Feel free to explore the site, whether you're seeking academic resources or simply have a curiosity about Oude Kerk. If you're unsure where to begin, check out our suggested starting points or draw inspiration from featured content!

Used techniques:

  • Schema.org objects and persons accessible in JSON-LD
  • Data enrichment and data matching algorithms for linking external data sources
  • API connections with internal and external data sources, such as:
    • RKD portraits
    • Stadsarchief Amsterdam
    • Graven op internet
  • Stores its data in Axiell Collections (previously Adlib Museum Collection) and synchronises a cached version back

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