Beoordeel je – Healthcare ratings platform

Rating flexibility at the core

For this Amsterdam-based start-up we’ve developed a web application that allows people to rate the healthcare services they received, but it also facilitates the people who are looking for the right healthcare provider in their region.



Emphasizing simplicity

For its users – the ones reviewing and the ones looking for reviews – we’ve created the ultimate user experience by emphasizing simplicity in the user interface. A complex system lies under the hood, yet it is transformed to an intuitive interface design for end-users and other user roles.


Dashboard and roles

For the company’s management we’ve created a management dashboard that allows for the creation of surveys, questions, categories and the processing and visualisation of responses. Municipalities and healthcare providers are able to log-in and can view responses depending on their given permission.

Privacy and security

The platform was built with respect for the privacy of users and is compliant with the GDPR (Dutch: AVG), using the privacy- and security-by-design principle.

GDPR compliant